Kerry St Community School is a small, independent school that provides an alternative educational experience for children and their families. With low student/teacher ratios, multi-age classes, active parental involvement, and a strong commitment to individual, community and environmental wellbeing Kerry Street students enjoy rich and unique learning opportunities in all aspects of their academic, social and personal growth.

Based in Hamilton Hill, the school was initially created in 1981 by a small group of parents who sought active involvement with the education of their children. 30 years on, the school still thrives as a welcoming environment for families who value the benefits of being a part of their child’s school experience. Whether it be helping in the classroom, working in the garden, cooking lunches in the kitchen or just enjoying being where their children are at any time of the day, the presence of parents’ at Kerry Street inspires a safe, friendly and vibrant atmosphere where children feel comfortable and cared for.


The teaching staff at Kerry Street work within the community environment to ensure children receive high quality education.  Teachers work together to provide a balance of whole school programming and their own individual styles and ideas. The Curriculum Framework is followed and delivered in a flexible way that caters for each child’s particular learning requirements. Small class sizes enable teachers to readily respond to the needs and talents of individuals, and multi-age groupings allow for all students to work at their own level without being singled out, compared or judged.

A hands’ on approach to education is fostered at Kerry Street, favouring exploration and interaction as a way of keeping students engaged and passionate about their learning experience. A wide range of opportunities and resources are provided through which children can discover their interests and strengths as individuals. Whether it be arts, music, sports, group activities, independent study, gardening, playing games… finding a way for children to feel inspired about learning so they can fulfil their individual potential is a vital part of the Kerry Street educational philosophy


For many children, just being part of a small, caring community where they feel safe to express themselves and are accepted as who they are is enough to give them the confidence needed to enjoy their schooling experience. The school ensures adequate boundaries are recognised and respected by students and the community whilst maintaining and encouraging an atmosphere of openness, freedom and choice.  Interactions between students, parents and teachers form the basis of how the school functions and emphasis is placed on constructive communication, shared concern and mutual respect for all members of the community.


Kerry Street offers a rich and rewarding educational experience for children and their families. It is both an inspiring dynamic atmosphere for children to learn in, as well as caring, familiar home for children to grow in. All who are part of the Kerry Street community develop the ability to think beyond themselves to consider the well being of the whole school so that the school can continue flourishing as it has for the last 30 years. It is hoped that through the Kerry Street experience children leave with a strong sense of who they are, an understanding of how they can contribute constructively in the world and a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime.