The Kerry Street Community includes all students, staff and families and we welcome the involvement of each and every individual. When you join Kerry Street Community School, you become a member of our association. We are all responsible for the well-being and growth of the school and as such we participate, contribute and support each other.


The Kids’ Council is designed to give students a say in the operation of the school, a chance to discuss issues and organise events important to them and an opportunity to improve speaking, listening and negotiation skills. Our students hold regular class meetings which in turn provide feedback to the Kids’ Council.

Recommendations from Kids’ Council meetings are sometimes referred to Council or whole school meetings. The Kids’ Council does not make decisions that are the responsibility of other groups or individuals (for example whether lollies are allowed at school).

Parents as Volunteers

Kerry Street Community School could not operate without the support and practical help of our families. Parents contribute to the success of our school in a number of ways: through classroom support; offering specialist workshops and projects; community jobs; participating in Busy Bees; cooking lunch; cleaning; fundraising; organising social events; admin help; marketing and joining the School Council. 

We understand that families can be under a lot of pressure balancing work, family, school and social commitments so it is very important you are aware of what is expected of you before joining Kerry Street. 

Our links with the wider community

Kerry Street Community School has forged strong links with a number of local community organisations and we extend our students’ experiences beyond the classroom by, for example, participating in local art exhibitions, visiting community gardens and developing relationships with the Hamilton Hill Community Group. In 2018, the Year 4/5/6 class made a connection with local Silverchain residents. The students and residents regularly work together on a variety of activities. 
Our school also participates in larger community events such as the Samson Park Children’s Fiesta, Fremantle Festival, Cockburn Rotary Spring Fair and our local Garage Sale Trail. 

Having strong relationships with the wider community means that we are not only able to offer our students broad and meaningful experiences, but they can also develop a sense of their place in their community and how they can contribute positively to the world around them.