the board


“Kerry Street works with the individual strengths and interests of kids and their families.”

Esther (parent) 

The Kerry Street Community School Board is elected annually at our Annual General Meeting, which all members of the school community (or “Association”) are encouraged to attend. The Board is comprised of elected parents and community members, the Principal and a member of the teaching staff. It has the legal responsibility for deciding and fulfilling the stated objectives of the school, represents our school community and is responsible for the governance of the school.

In practice, our Board deals primarily with governance, policy, long-term planning, budgeting and concerns or grievances. To facilitate the management and administration of the school and the provision of the educational program, the Board appoints a Principal and delegates practical responsibility and day-to-day operational authority to them. The Board supports and monitors the Principal who in turn regularly reports on school matters to the Board at its monthly meetings.