Year 1/2

Jacey Long

Jacey Long is a dedicated early childhood teacher with a passion for creativity and inquiry-based learning. With a background in performing and visual arts, Jacey brings a unique perspective to the classroom, constantly striving to incorporate singing, drama, and media into every aspect of the curriculum.

Since joining Kerry Street in 2019 as the Music and Drama Specialist, Jacey has taken on the role of Year 1 and 2 Class Teacher. Her primary goal as a teacher is to capture the natural curiosity of children and facilitate meaningful learning experiences. Jacey firmly believes in the power of inquiry-based pedagogy, which allows students to become fully engaged participants within their community.

In 2020, Jacey played a shared role in implementing Kerry Street’s own model for inquiry-based pedagogy, which has since been adopted by the entire staff as a whole school approach to education. She has also had the privilege of working with and learning from renowned experts such as Kath Murdoch and Rebecca Duncan, applying their theories for meaningful learning in her own classroom. Jacey’s dedication and expertise were recognised in 2021 when she was chosen to share her class’s inquiry journey with educators from the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA).

“One of the things that sets Kerry Street kids apart is their genuine concern for the world and the environment. I am proud to be a part of a school community that instils in its students a sense of responsibility and investment in making the world a better place for everyone.” 

Jacey Long

This commitment to creating positive change extends beyond the classroom. Jacey was involved in publishing the school’s first Reconciliation Action Plan in 2020. She has co-coordinated whole school events, including the yearly celebration of National Reconciliation Week, and in 2023, she co-hosted a learning seminar on including Indigenous perspectives in the Early Years classroom.

As a teacher, Jacey places a strong emphasis on meeting her students’ individual needs and building meaningful relationships with each child in the school. She has a special interest in neurodiversity and has attended professional learning sessions with experts from Spectrum Space, ADHD WA, and the PDA Space Summit to further her understanding of working with and accommodating children with neurodiverse profiles. Jacey takes pride in fostering an inclusive classroom where she collaborates with therapists and families to advocate for neurodivergent children. She engages students in open dialogues about the connection between their brains and bodies, exploring concepts such as the Zones of Regulation and utilising sensory tools to create an optimal mental space for learning.

Jacey Long is not just a teacher; she is a passionate advocate for meaningful education and the holistic development of each child. Through her creative approach, dedication to inclusion, and commitment to making a positive impact, Jacey creates an enriching and supportive learning environment for all her students at Kerry Street.

Simonne Hamman

Simonne works as an Education Assistant in the Moorditj Yonga Mia or Year 1/2 class. Before she began working at the school, she was first a parent. She was drawn to the school because of its strong community focus, its commitment to Inquiry and Play-Based learning, the acceptance and respect that the staff have for the children, its eclectic philosophy and approach to teaching, the freedom that the children have to express themselves and the support that they receive as they develop their sense of self in the world.  

Simonne is very excited to be working at Kerry Street and brings with her over 15 years of experience working with children in a range of settings. She has studied early childhood learning and development in both New Zealand and Australia and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Photography and is a qualified New Zealand Playcentre Educator. She believes that forming positive relationships is the most important element of her role and is committed to building connections with the children so that they feel safe, understood and loved as they begin their learning journey at Kerry Street. 

“Witnessing and supporting children as they form relationships, play, grow, learn and create magical memories together, is what brings me joy.”

Simonne Hamman