school garden


Kerry Street Community School is nestled on the corner of Forrest Road and Kerry Street in Hamilton Hill. It was started in 1981 by a small group of parents who sought more active involvement in the education of their children. The school is proud to continue to offer students a unique educational experience 38 years later.

Kerry Street’s welcoming environment is perfect for families wanting to be a part of their child’s primary school experience. Whether it’s helping in the classroom, the garden, cooking school lunches or just enjoying daily experiences with their children throughout the day, the presence of parents and carers contributes to a safe, friendly and vibrant atmosphere in which children feel cared for and comfortable.

Approach to Education

The teaching staff at Kerry Street work effectively and enthusiastically to ensure children receive high-quality education within our community-spirited environment. Teachers work together and with our Education Assistants to deliver a balance of whole-school programming infused with their unique respective styles and ideas.

We follow and deliver the Australian Curriculum and Western Australian Curriculum Framework in a way that caters for each child’s particular learning requirements.

Our multi-age classrooms allow our teaching staff to respond creatively and authentically to the needs and talents of individual students. Each child is then free to work at their own level, without comparison, and at their own speed.

“Kerry Street understands that a love of learning is the foundation for academic success.”

Dr. Kevin Runions, Telethon Kids Institute

Our school fosters a hands-on approach to education, favouring exploration, interaction and projects that are relevant to real life, which is an approach that aims to keep students engaged and passionate throughout their learning journeys. An ever-developing variety of opportunities and resources are provided, through which children can discover their own interests and strengths. We believe that finding a way for children to feel inspired about learning so they can fulfil their individual potential is vital, and is a key component of our school’s educational philosophy.

Being an accepted part of a small, caring community is often enough to give our students the confidence they need to truly enjoy their school experience. We encourage an atmosphere of openness, freedom and choice whilst recognising and respecting important boundaries within our community. Subsequently, we place great importance on constructive communication between students, families and staff, and shared concern and mutual respect for all.

More information about our small school is available in our book: Swings and Roundabouts: A History of Kerry Street Community School 1981 to 2018. Limited edition hard copies are available for purchase in a matte gloss softcover format for $30 from our administration office. You can also download a PDF version.

Acknowledgement of Country

Kaya, Wanjoo!

We take a moment today, to stop, and remember how we are connected to our school. It’s land; the animals, from the Kookaburra’s to the Bobtails; the plants, our Native Gums, wattle bushes and bush tucker garden; and the people. 

At Kerry Street Community School, we acknowledge the Whadjuk Nyungar people as the traditional custodians of the land on which our school is built. 

We pay our respects to their Elders, and we thank them for sharing and caring for the land we learn, enjoy and play on. 

We promise to care for this land. 

Together we all stand.