Principal’s welcome

Anna Ritzema

Welcome to Kerry Street!

Kerry Street Community School is a small Independent school in which families and staff enjoy the privilege of close relationships with one another. The nimble nature of our school means we have the flexibility to design programs that are authentic and personalised and we empower our students to make a difference.

“Kerry Street is the embodiment of outstanding education that recognises and enhances the passions and strengths of each individual child. Together as a community, the foundations for a life long journey of learning are laid, allowing each student to have their voice in shaping their personal educational pathway with the love and support of those around them. Each day I come to Kerry Street and know it will be filled will smiles and giggles and that I get to spend it with a fabulous team and incredible students.”

Anna Ritzema, Principal

At Kerry Street:

  • We act with trust, honesty, integrity and courage.
  • We encourage excellence and foster the growth of wonder and wisdom.
  • We are a community that contributes to the daily life and future of our school.
  • We act with care and love, mindful of our place in the wider world.

We invite you to peruse our website and contact us for more information or to book a tour.

We hope to see you soon!

About Anna

With over two decades of experience in education, Anna’s teaching journey began at The Dragon School in Oxford. Although her fire-breathing skills remain a work in progress, she fondly reminisces about the wonderful experiences during her time there. Originally from Northumberland, on the England/Scotland border, Anna returned to her roots to work at a small rural school in an old Norman castle. Based on the Forest schools’ model and part of a working farm, this unique institution provided an enriching environment where her afternoons were spent herding sheep in the playground and cultivating vegetables. Anna cherished her tenure at this school, characterised by a strong sense of family-focused community.

In 2015, Anna and her family embarked on a new chapter by emigrating to Australia. Her husband’s transition from a professional cricket player to a teacher brought them here, where Anna assumed the role of a professional learning consultant for Scitech. Passionate about STEM and digital technologies, she took on a STEM/Science teaching position at Tambrey Primary School in Karratha, making significant contributions to the establishment of the Karratha STEM Centre for the Polly Farmer Foundation.

Anna’s dedication and achievements were duly recognised, earning her accolades, such as the BHP Science and Engineering Teacher of the Year and a Schools Plus Commonwealth Bank Fellowship. Her time at Tambrey Primary School saw the institution achieve Teacher Development status for Science and STEM, along with nominations in the Governor’s STEM Awards and recognition as the Science Association’s runner-up for Science School of the Year.

Since 2021, Anna has been at the helm of the primary programs for the Polly Farmer Foundation, leading STEM/Learning centres for approximately 400 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Her role involved extensive travel across Australia, allowing her to connect with diverse communities and witness the beauty of various landscapes. Anna has also been actively engaged in formative assessment resource and policy development with the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

Anna is inspired by the opportunity to lead Kerry Street, a school that places the child’s interests at the core of its mission. Having encountered the incredible creativity, vibrancy, and passion of the staff and students she has met so far, Anna envisions Kerry Street shining as a beacon of educational excellence. Her goal is to ensure that students leave Kerry Street future-focused, prepared to tackle challenges, and poised to contribute as confident and happy members of their community.