Year 3/4

Amy Gatchell

Amy Gatchell is Kerry Street’s Year 3/4 classroom teacher on Tuesdays- Fridays, working alongside Taylah Griffin who teaches on Mondays. She is an enthusiastic and kind teacher who is passionate about student wellbeing, art, and inquiry learning. She prides herself on her dedication to her students and formation of strong relationships resulting in a safe, supportive, and positive classroom environment. Amy holds a Master of Teaching (Primary) from the University of Western Australia and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Fine Art from Curtin University. She also has years of volunteer experience as an educational assistant across several year groups. 

Amy has an approachable and generous nature. She believes in regular, timely, and constructive feedback and the value of one-on-one quality time with students. Alongside engaging, innovative, and differentiated lessons, she finds that students respond well and are supported in their academic endeavours in the classroom in all subject areas. Amy provides opportunities for collaborative learning, and independent learning on a daily basis within the classroom. She also enjoys integrating ICT and implementing cross-curriculum lessons to unlock the full potential of her students and improve learning outcomes.

Amy is invested in student wellbeing through the formation of trusting and respectful student relationships, the accommodation of all learning styles and the delivery of daily mindfulness. There’s nothing quite like a guided meditation after lunch or a lesson in the wilderness area.

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.

Amy Gatchell
Claire Holland

Claire Holland rejoined Kerry Street in 2023 after working at the school previously. Claire currently supports Yokine Mia (Year 3/4) on Wednesdays.

Claire has a long history of working in Independent schools and brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom.