Year 3/4

Mim Stephens

Melissa Stephens, known as Mim, is the dedicated Year 3/4 class teacher at Kerry Street Community School. She earned her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from Edith Cowan University, showcasing her commitment to fostering holistic learning experiences for young minds.

With extensive experience in education, Mim has played diverse roles, including delivering social and emotional wellbeing programs and organising school holiday camps. Throughout these experiences, she developed a profound passion for addressing educational disparities. Interacting with children from various backgrounds highlighted the unequal opportunities they faced. Motivated by a commitment to equality, Mim strives to bring a holistic approach to education, ensuring children can flourish in all aspects of their development.

Mim firmly believes that fostering a ‘can-do’ attitude in children involves making academic experiences enjoyable and challenging. Her favourite classroom motto, “Mistakes are expected, respected, investigated, and corrected,” underscores her belief in creating a positive learning environment where errors are viewed as opportunities for growth. She designs learning experiences that captivate children’s interests while aligning with the values of the school community.

Mim’s commitment and knowledge extend to Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication model, where she often leads staff and students in sharing feelings and needs and working through the process of NVC in an empathic and productive way. This invaluable skill set enhances the overall emotional intelligence within the school community, fostering open communication and understanding.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Mim has studied Nyungar language and culture. Committed to supporting Kerry Street in achieving its goals outlined in the Reconciliation Action Plan, she actively enables children to appreciate the beauty, strength, spirituality, and resilience of an Aboriginal culture.

“I believe connecting to the culture and language of our first people unlocks the door to understanding, which supports us moving towards reconciliation.”

Mim Stephens

Collaborating with Mim in the Year 3/4 class is Belinda Allen, who provides valuable support as an Education Assistant. Together, they create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Belinda Allen

Belinda Allen is an integral member of the Kerry Street team, having joined in 2021 as a relief staff member and subsequently taking on the role of Education Assistant; currently in the Year 3/4 class from Tuesday to Friday. Before finding her passion in the educational realm, Belinda held roles in accounts within large organisations.

Driven by a desire to make a positive impact on children’s educational journeys, Belinda redirected her career after spending several years volunteering at her son’s school. Her commitment to relational education is evident in her approach, where building strong connections with students is at the forefront of her efforts.

Belinda’s role extends beyond conventional support, as she works directly with students presenting various additional needs, including ASD, ADHD, Anxiety, PDA, and Dyslexia. Her expertise also encompasses supporting students with complex medical needs, showcasing her versatility and dedication to inclusive education.

A collaborative spirit, Belinda actively partners with teachers to implement curriculum strategies that cater to the diverse needs of the students. Beyond that, she is instrumental in facilitating small intervention and extension groups, ensuring that every child receives personalised attention and guidance.

Belinda’s loving and caring demeanour sets her apart, creating a nurturing environment that fosters academic growth and emotional wellbeing. Her patience and genuine dedication to student welfare shines through, making her a cherished presence within Kerry Street’s classrooms.