Misty Daszkiewicz

Misty Daszkiewicz joined Kerry Street in 2023, inspired to teach the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary class, Misty brings expertise and a child centred approach to her role. Misty completed her 4-year Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia, she has engaged with post graduate studies in Early Childhood (EC) and has been awarded an EC qualification. She has engaged with studies at the Western Australian Academy for Performing Arts (Dance), the Australian Institute of Dance Performance in Queensland, and other universities including the University of Western Australia.

Misty enjoys developing inspired learning environments and understands the significance of co-constructing learning with children. She has specialised in art education, literacy and English as a Second Language teaching, early childhood pedagogy, art and dance.

Early in her career Misty initiated dance in education projects while working as a teacher, including collaborating with professional dance companies. She has spent most of her career working with Pre-K to Pre-Primary and also enjoys teaching Year 1. Misty has also engaged with enhancing literacy outcomes for Indigenous students connecting with research by the University of Canberra and is passionate about the significance of education from 0-8 years.

Misty has taught in early childhood settings in Sydney, with a focus on implementing the Early Years Learning Framework and designing emerging curriculums incorporating principles of the Reggio Emila Approach (REA). She found herself placed in Atelierista, Educational Leader, Management / Assistant Director, Early Childhood Teacher and EC Consulting roles, where she developed art and dance studios and enhanced pedagogical outcomes for children. Her understanding of a child centred and emerging curriculum, holistic and integrated view, talents in programming/documenting and writing, interest in law and dedication to children’s rights, led to her directly contributing to her preschools exceeding the national standards in education at accreditation, where she was often involved with writing Quality Improvement Plans, training and mentoring.

Misty’s teaching approach values inclusive and harmonious learning environments that cater to each student’s individual needs, strengths, interests, and learning styles. She believes in developing beautiful and play-based environments, project/inquiry experiences, self-directed learning, enhancing wellbeing and connecting with Indigenous concepts, sustainability and nature.

Misty’s professional interests include literacy and language development, emergent literacy and numeracy, pre and early reading and writing, handwriting, mindfulness, child psychology/development and the Reggio Emilia Approach.

In her own time, she enjoys designing, studying law, dancing, connecting with the ocean and travelling.

Misty welcomes open communication, embraces partnerships with parents and enjoys documenting children’s learning.

Teaching in early childhood is about connection with children and designing environments in harmony with the child and nature that allow children to be, play, learn and discover in co-construction with others and the teacher; whist the formal curriculum is practised in a sparkly kind of way.

Misty Daszkiewicz
Tom Francas

Tom Francas has worked at Kerry Street since 1998 in a variety of roles and classes, mainly in the Early Childhood years. For six years, beginning in 2014, Tom ran our Kindy class in our Hall, prior to the Pre-Primary and Kindy class joining together. The hall has since been named the “Francas Ruckus Hall” in his honour. Tom is currently the Education Assistant in the Kindy/Pre-Primary class, and also teaches drama and music one afternoon a week.  

Our past and present students know Tom as the funny jokester, and our parents know him for his nurturing, caring and loving personality. Many parents say that Tom makes them feel welcome, and offers security during those daunting first few weeks of school. 

Tom is an advocate for play-based learning, and also utilises the outdoor environment for engaging children in student-led learning. Tom always joins in on games as much as possible, which enables him to guide, influence and be a good role model, as well as have some fun.

“I am – and have always been – a big believer in play-based, hands-on, FUN education… especially in the early years. I use humour, silliness, wordplay, games and imagination to encourage creativity and self-expression.”

Tom Francas

Tom craves an Inquiry-based environment in which children strongly influence games and activities. It encourages independence and self-regulation and provides opportunities for the children to play, play and play some more. (Just don’t tell them they’re learning!)

Simonne Hamman

Simonne works as an Education Assistant in the Kindy/Pre-Primary room or Bindi-bindi Mia. Before she began working at the school, she was first a parent. She was drawn to the school because of its strong community focus, its commitment to Inquiry and Play-Based learning, the acceptance and respect that the staff have for the children, its eclectic philosophy and approach to teaching, the freedom that the children have to express themselves and the support that they receive as they develop their sense of self in the world.  

Simonne is very excited to be working in Bindi-bindi Mia and brings with her over 15 years of experience working with children in a range of settings. She has studied early childhood learning and development in both New Zealand and Australia and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design and Photography and is a qualified New Zealand Playcentre Educator. She believes that forming positive relationships is the most important element of her role and is committed to building connections with the children so that they feel safe, understood and loved as they begin their learning journey at Kerry Street. 

“Witnessing and supporting children as they form relationships, play, grow, learn and create magical memories together, is what brings me joy.”

Simonne Hamman