Visual Arts Program

We are very proud of our visual arts program at Kerry Street, where creativity knows no bounds, and every stroke tells a unique story! Our Visual Arts program, led by the talented Caroline Colliss, inspires students to explore the colourful realms of artistic expression and self-discovery. From hands-on exploration to exciting excursions, our students embark on a journey that fosters creativity, imagination, and environmental consciousness.

Supported by the invaluable expertise of Fran Ryce, a cherished member of our community for over 30 years, our Visual Arts program creates a vibrant and collaborative space for nurturing young talent.

Caroline Colliss

Caroline Colliss, our dedicated Visual Arts specialist teacher since 2019, brings creativity and inspiration to the ‘Francas Ruckus Hall’ AKA the dedicated Arts Space at Kerry Street Community School. She introduced our students to a diverse range of topical and thought-provoking artists, sparking whole-school participation in initiatives such as Plastic Free July. With a keen focus on the exploration of colours and textures, Caroline guides students through a journey of self-expression and artistic discovery.

To enhance the student’s exposure to the world of art, Caroline organises engaging excursions to the Art Gallery of Western Australia, providing them with firsthand experiences of diverse artistic expressions. Additionally, she collaborates with companies like Remida for exciting incursions focusing on sustainability through upcycling materials, instilling a sense of environmental consciousness in our young artists.

Caroline is committed to showcasing the students’ artistic achievements on and off-site. Recent highlights include the Floating Cities display by Kaarla Mia students, a captivating exhibition that captured our young artists’ imaginative, collaborative and innovative spirit.

” I have always wanted to teach art and so now I am rather fulfilled having the chance to do so at Kerry Street. Kerry Street kids are often a huge source of inspiration, as they reveal their sense of the world to me.”

Caroline Collis

Beyond the classroom, Caroline loves spending time outdoors, cooking, taking care of her family, and running her part-time business selling reversible bicycle seat covers. 

Caroline Colliss is not just an educator; she is an artist, mentor, and advocate for creative expression, contributing significantly to the vibrant artistic culture at Kerry Street Community School.