students in costume

Drama and Music

Every year, we teach Drama and Music for a semester each as distinct subjects. Our current Drama teacher, Eylish Hodgins, has been a member of our community since mid 2020, and began teaching Drama at the start of 2021. Over the years, our students have been fortunate to be exposed to a number of musical experiences including African drumming, didgeridoo, ukuleles, piano and singing, and in Drama have written and performed a number of Kerry Street-original theatrical pieces.

Eylish Hodgins

Eylish Hodgins holds a Bachelor of Education with specialisation in the Arts from Edith Cowan University. Eylish graduated in 2019 and has been spending her time as a Relief Teacher as well as an After School Care Coordinator. She is an enthusiastic educator with a strong drive and motivation that makes a conscious effort to ensure her students excel with the upmost academic nurturing and care. 

Over the course of Eylish’s career, she has worked heavily with students with special needs and behavioural challenges. These experiences have allowed her to structure lessons using an inclusive approach, regardless of her student’s educational level. Eylish incorporates play-based learning and explicit instruction to form interesting lessons and to further student’s educational abilities. Eylish has in-depth knowledge of both the Australian and Western Australian curriculums which has been demonstrated throughout her career.

Eylish always develops a fun, inclusive and caring classroom. This complements Kerry Street Community School’s core philosophy of being a community driven environment, and allows her students to feel comfortable, respected, and excited to learn. 

“Seeing children embrace who they are through the Arts is the most rewarding experience, and Kerry Street’s vibrant environment presents a constant source of inspiration for myself and my students.”

Eylish Hodgins