Year 5/6

Taylah Griffin

Taylah Griffin serves as Kerry Street’s Deputy of Teaching and Learning and brings her expertise to the Year 5/6 class from Monday to Wednesday. Taylah earned her Bachelor of Education (Primary), specialising in Special Needs, and is currently pursuing a Master of Education in Learning Difficulties and Educational Leadership. Passionate about continuous learning, she dedicates herself to expanding her knowledge, with a particular focus on psychology, trauma-informed restorative care, and inclusive education and intervention.

Since joining Kerry Street in 2019, Taylah has rapidly become a pivotal member of the team. Apart from her teaching role, she provides administrative support across various areas, leading initiatives such as the development of the school’s Reconciliation Action Plan and marketing strategy. In Term 4 of 2023, Taylah stepped into the role of Acting Principal, showcasing her leadership capabilities. Her professional background in supporting students with complex needs has endeared her to the school community, making her an empathetic and approachable colleague and friend. Recently, Taylah attended a two-day workshop with Ross Greene and is committed to further supporting the school in implementing his Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model.

In the Year 5/6 classroom, Taylah is dedicated to creating inquiry-based educational experiences, emphasising student accountability for their learning. Collaborative opportunities abound, allowing students with expertise in specific areas to teach and support their peers. The classroom is a dynamic space where the curriculum is explored through various modalities, including whole-class, small-group, one-on-one, and individual lessons. Taylah incorporates problem-solving strategies to investigate authentic, real-life issues, often utilising current digital and innovative design technologies.

“Embracing the principles of democracy in education means nurturing not only the mind but the spirit of each child, fostering a community where every voice is heard, every path is valued, and every individual is celebrated in their journey of holistic growth.”

Taylah Griffin

Taylah is not only dedicated to her role at Kerry Street but also actively contributes to the wider educational community. She serves as the Vice President of the Australasian Democratic Education Community (ADEC) and has attended the previous two conferences in Tasmania and Victoria. Through these experiences, Taylah collaborates with educators dedicated to the democratic model, enriching her perspective and contributing to the ongoing improvement of educational practices.

In a heartwarming connection to Kerry Street, Taylah’s daughter now also attends the school in the early years, reinforcing her commitment to and belief in the unique and holistic educational experience Kerry Street Community School provides.

Stacey Huff

Stacey Huff is a vibrant member of the Kerry Street community, dedicating two days per week to teaching alongside Taylah. A qualified Primary School Teacher, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Primary Education and is pursuing a Master of Education by Research at Edith Cowan University. Stacey’s research focuses on the development of respectful relationships in a school environment, particularly examining how these relationships pave the way for the wellbeing of both teachers and students.

Stacey’s teaching philosophy places a central emphasis on fostering meaningful relationships within the classroom and school community. She believes these connections are foundational for effective learning and teaching, creating a safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing environment where each student can thrive. Prioritising student wellbeing, Stacey explicitly teaches and role models the development of social and emotional skills, encouraging the growth of responsibility, respect, and determination. She advocates for an inclusive and compassionate atmosphere where everyone’s contributions are welcome and valued.

Stacey’s approach balances explicit and hands-on inquiry-based learning, recognising the importance of providing structured experiences and prior knowledge to build curiosity and critical thinking. She believes that learning should be a joyful experience and endeavours to instil enthusiasm and positivity into all aspects of her teaching.

Outside of teaching, Stacey enjoys collaborating with others and eagerly contributes to the community in any way she can. She has a passion for dance, attending classes and developing her jazz dance skills since age 4. Stacey was once a member of the state team for ten-pin bowling, dabbled in playing the drums, and, despite initial trepidation, now finds teaching Maths to be her favourite subject. Stacey brings diverse skills and experiences to Kerry Street Community School.

“Relational education is the key that unlocks the vast potential within every student, fostering a sense of belonging, understanding, and empowerment that lasts a lifetime.”

Stacey Huff
Carolyn MacDonald

Carolyn MacDonald is an integral member of the Kerry Street Community School, currently serving as the Education Assistant in Year 5/6. Her journey with Kerry Street began in February 2013, and she swiftly became a pivotal figure within our community.

Carolyn’s holds a Cert III in School Based Education Support and in her pursuit of further knowledge, Carolyn has partially completed her primary teaching degree, demonstrating her commitment to professional growth and development. She actively collaborates with teachers, contributing to developing and implementing intervention programs tailored for students with learning difficulties.

Beyond the classroom, Carolyn wears multiple hats, showcasing her diverse talents and interests. She is a familiar face at a local rollerskating rink, where her energy and enthusiasm create a vibrant atmosphere. As an avid artist and storyteller, Carolyn achieved a significant milestone by publishing her first story, “Bobby.” The narrative revolves around a young dragon navigating a confusing and daunting world, offering valuable insights into life’s challenges.

Carolyn embodies the spirit of Kerry Street Community School, bringing a wealth of skills, passion, and creativity to our students’ educational journey.

“I love working with students because of the opportunity to be part of the amazement and joy that comes from their learning and discovery.”

Carolyn MacDonald
Sophi Batey

Sophi Batey is currently an Educational Assistant in Year 5/6 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Primary Education at the University of Notre Dame. In addition to her degree, professional experiences, and current role, she has a background in swim coaching, having worked in the industry for over five years.

Sophi is incredibly passionate about education and teaching, often describing it as her life’s purpose. She chose Kerry Street in 2023 because the school’s philosophies and pedagogies align with her own developing philosophies and pedagogies. She loves that the whole school focuses on authentic learning experiences involving creativity, inquiry, and community. As an Educational Assistant, Sophi enjoys working across different classes with various teachers and students, embracing each day as an exciting new challenge. She prioritises developing positive relationships with the students to build trust, respect, and understanding, enabling her to better assist them with their learning and social-emotional goals. Watching the students have their “light bulb” moments after a new discovery brings her immense joy.

MJ Day

MJ is an education assistant in Year 5/6 at Kerry Street Community School, working on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. She began her journey at Kerry Street in 2023 while completing her Cert IV in School Based Education (Special Needs) practical, and she officially joined the staff in 2024.

Beyond her role at Kerry Street, MJ is passionately involved with a youth mental health organisation where she volunteers in her free time. Her commitment to mental health and wellbeing aligns perfectly with the school’s emphasis on student wellbeing and support.

MJ fell in love with the Kerry Street community and immediately knew she wanted to continue her education assistant journey there. She admires the strong sense of community and the school’s dedication to fostering student wellbeing. As an education assistant, MJ supports students in various aspects, including their education, social life, and mental health. She firmly believes that building healthy and positive relationships with students can significantly impact their schooling experience.

Seeing students express their true and authentic selves reminds MJ daily of how grateful she is to be part of the Kerry Street team. Her dedication and passion for supporting students make her an invaluable member of the school community.