2022 Classes

An exciting development in the early part of Term 1, 2022, has been classes selecting names. This year staff discussed the importance of classes selecting names for themselves rather than going by titles such as, ‘Year 5/6’ or ‘Jacey’s class’. Through this process, we aim to embed more ownership of the class for all students and staff within each team. We are also trying to move away from the use of possessive pronouns to describe classes as we know that each class is made of a team and all team members are represented and contribute to the class as a whole.

In line with our Reconciliation Action Plan and embedding Indigenous perspectives in our school, we have decided to choose Nyungar names for classes. We sought some guidance from Nyungar Elders regarding spelling and grammar. Classes researched Nyungar words, brainstormed ideas and meanings behind words, and together have selected names to represent them. We are very excited to share our chosen class names with our community!

Bindi-bindi Mia

Bindi-bindi Mia, our K/PP class is named after butterflies. This represents the way they fly into their transition to schooling. Butterflies are little, delicate, and filled with colour. They are born to fly and spread their wings. We see this throughout the first years of school; growth and evolving as individuals.

Moorditj Yonga Mia

Moorditj Yonga Mia, our Year 1/2 class, means great kangaroo house. For the Year 1/2 class, this symbolises strength and energy. They live together in large mobs and in that community, they look out for one another. They are energetic, community-minded and always moving forward!

Yokine Mia

Yokine Mia is our Year 3/4 class. Yokine translates to Dingo, and for the Year 3/4 class this represents the dingo’s role in Aboriginal culture. They are protectors of camp and are left behind to guard women and children when men are hunting. They are cooperative, loyal and caring within our school community.

Kaarla Mia

Kaarla Mia is our Year 5/6 class. Kaarla means fire and with fire comes change and new beginnings. After a fire goes through the Australian bush, seeds sprout; bringing forth new life. To our Year 5/6 class, this symbolises passion and desire, as well as growth.

All classrooms at Kerry Street are lovingly designed and created by staff and students. Staff consider the purpose and beauty of every element included in classrooms. There are no assigned workspaces and instead students are encouraged to choose a space that meets their needs. Options are provided for students to work at different levels and to access sensory supports if needed. Classrooms are welcoming and ‘homely’ and are true reflections of the staff and students that utilise each space.

Rather than simply filling spaces, the emerging emphasis is creating meaningful, beautiful, and inspiring environments reflective of those who inhabit the space.

Sandra Duncan