40 Years Tells a Story

2021 marks 40 years of Kerry Street Community School. The school was established in 1980 by a group of parents looking for an alternative approach to education. In the beginning the school didn’t have a permanent address, student numbers were limited and there was only a handful of staff. Fast forward 40 years to Kerry Street Community School as it is today. We currently employ 14 staff members, have 65 students enrolled and our beautiful buildings and grounds are located on the corner of Kerry Street and Forrest Road.

On the 14th of September we opened the school up to past and present Kerry Streeters for our school market day. Our Year 1-6 classes sold a range of items in order to raise funds for class events. Developing business plans and items for sale was the focus of learning for most classes in Term 3. The Year 1/2 students sold Hama bead jewellery of their own design; Year 3/4 students sold salt bush from our bush tucker garden that they harvested and dried; and Year 5/6 students manned individual stalls, selling a range of items they designed, budgeted for and created. We also held the official opening of our new swing, designed and installed by Nature Based Play. Our swing is dedicated to previous Principal, Karen Kennedy. We also recognised the contributions of staff, students and Parent Forum who helped to raise the funds needed to purchase and install the swing.

On the 18th of September we held our 40th Anniversary celebrations at Victoria Hall in Fremantle. We were honoured to host over 200 present and alumni staff, students, families, Community Members, Board members and Chairs, Coordinators and Principals. The evening began with music by Tania and Sally Sims whilst guests connected and reconnected. We enjoyed delicious paella, prepared and served by Renato Fabretti. Dinner was followed by speeches and an incredible student performance. Finally, we danced the night away to music by Seasta Chani and the Twilight Heist.

Our Parent Forum raised over $1000 on the night of the anniversary celebrations through our silent auction. We would like to thank the following businesses that donated items which led to the auction being a huge success!

Kerry Street sincerely thanks all who donated items to our silent auction:

Despite many changes over the last 40 years it has been wonderful to see that the conversations of school memories are similar and that many of our long standing traditions are largely unchanged. The camps, school lunches, hands on learning, and busy bees may be distant memories for some, but today we continue these experiences and make living memories for our current and future students.

The school still retains and promotes the values that the school was founded on. These include:

  • Acting with trust, honesty, integrity and courage;
  • Encouraging excellence and fostering the growth of wonder and wisdom;
  • Being a community that contributes to the daily life and future of our school, and;
  • Acting with care and love and remaining mindful of our place in the wider world.

“40 years tells a story and what an amazing story it has been. I am excited to look to the next page in our journey and writing new chapters.”

Melissa Kennedy, Principal.