Kerry Street School Open Day 2023

Embracing Community and Celebrating Achievements

On the 9th of September, Kerry Street Community School opened its doors to the wider community for its highly anticipated annual open day. This year, the school showcased remarkable changes, including a sensory path designed by students in collaboration with parents and community, as well as an updated water course installed by Nature Based Play that delighted children. The open day was a vibrant celebration of the school’s progress and an opportunity for current and prospective families to experience the warmth, creativity and community feeling that defines Kerry Street School.

A Sensory Wonderland: Exploring the Path of Imagination

The sensory path, a masterpiece designed by Bindi Bindi Mia students and created by parents, captivated everyone who walked along its enchanting route. With a sound wall, painted pebbles, and an edible garden, the path offered a multi-sensory experience that ignites curiosity.

Market Bliss: Showcasing Local Artisans and Student Talents

Under the radiant sunshine of a Djilba day, the schoolyard transformed into a bustling marketplace. The air was filled with melodious bluegrass jams by the Lost Cores, the aroma of sizzling sausages, and the sight of vibrant market stalls. Featuring creations from local artisans and student-made products, the stalls displayed a myriad of treasures, from scrunchies and beading kits to upcycled denim and delicious baked goods. It was a vibrant celebration of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Well done to our students from Yokine and Kaarla Mia classes who worked so diligently throughout the term on business plans and product designs, their entrepreneurial endeavours showcased their innovative thinking, and your Market stalls were a huge success.

The Leaders of Tomorrow: Inspiring Change and Making a Difference

Kerry Street School takes pride in nurturing young leaders, and the open day was an opportunity to showcase the remarkable efforts of its students. Yonga Mia students proudly presented their Eco Warrior inquiry project and even sold their own class book, “If I Were a Leader. Additionally, the presence of esteemed VIP guests, including Josh Wilson MP and City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett, inspired and motivated the students who aspire to become change-makers and leaders.

The Magic of Learning: Exploring the Early Years’ Adventures

Visitors to the early years’ classes were immersed in a world of wonder and discovery. Bindi Bindi Mia, filled with joyful children engaged in various learning stations, captured the essence of play-based education.

Farmer Damian’s Roaming Animal Farm

We’d like to extend a big thankyou to Farmer Damian who set up for the day with his mobile farm. Kids absolutely loved interacting with the sheep, chickens and bunnies in our Wild space.

Thanks also to Damian and Browns Dairy who donated generously to our annual parent forum raffle. The money raised will go towards parent forum projects.

Thank you to all stall holders, parent volunteers, staff and all who made our open day possible. Events like these highlight the unique way in which our community bands together to support one another and celebrate our achievements.

The Kerry Street School Open Day was a resounding success, demonstrating the power of community collaboration and celebrating the school’s achievements. From the sensory path and lively market stalls to the inspiring student initiatives and engaging early years’ experiences, the open day embodied the school’s commitment to fostering creativity, leadership, and holistic approach to education.

If you missed this extraordinary event, don’t despair. Visit our Enrolment page to book a tour and discover more about our exceptional community school that nurtures young minds and celebrates individuality.