What are my requirements as a parent of the school?

Volunteering at Kerry Street is not only rewarding, it keeps our school fees low and most importantly is a chance to role-model the power of community and of helping others. The children enjoy having their parents participate and help out on a regular basis.

We understand that families can be under a lot of pressure balancing work, family, school and social commitments so it is very important you are aware of what is expected of you before joining Kerry Street.

Every term each family is asked to:

  • help clean the school once
  • cook a school lunch
  • join in the Busy Bee held each term
  • contribute to a community job
  • participate in fundraising events

Annual commitment:

  • attend the AGM

If you find on occasion that you cannot participate in a particular job you have the option to be invoiced a levy (to pay for someone else to complete).