Why do you have multi-age classes?

We feel that education should be flexible and cater for each child’s particular learning requirements. Having multi age classes allows all students to work at their own level; opportunities exist for extension as well as support from peers. Older students have the opportunity to mentor and take leadership roles, while younger students benefit from peer scaffolding.

The skills of negotiation and cooperation are encouraged as children interact across all ages both during class and play times. Mixed age group classes are also a great way to develop strong community relationships while allowing a natural adaption to changes within the community as children are able to join and also move on to their next phase of schooling.

It is also important that students build strong relationships with their teachers. At Kerry Street, children remain with the same class teacher for at least two years which enables the teacher to make strong connections with each individual child and their family. Teachers are able to differentiate the curriculum based on each child’s development and design learning opportunities where students are self-directed based on each student’s goals.