Mural-Brenton See

Wilderness Area Mural

After many years of our Wilderness Area being framed by a plain brick wall, we are very excited share with you our new mural, on the back of the Year 5/6 classroom. 

With the support from the City of Cockburn, Community Grant of $2,500.00 we were able to bring this project to life. Our Art Specialist, Caroline Colliss, planned and faciliatated a whole school Inquiry focused on the mural. Students began investigations with a visit from Brenton See, a well-known, local mural artist. They had input into his design by collating images of native flora and fauna they see in our local area. From there, we spent many break times watching Brenton at work. 

Students also participated in an Urban Indigenous incursion aimed at exploring local indigenous art techniques which were considered in the final pieces of the mural. We engaged upcoming local Nyungar artist, Allira Boulton, who designed and supported the inclusion of Indigenous images and techniques in the lower section of the mural.

On Wednesday the 1st of December 2021, we hosted a Community Day in which members of our past, present, future and wider community were invited to contribute to our mural. Guided by Caroline and Allira, we painted a Waugal (Rainbow Serpent) along the lower section of the mural. We were also joined by Councillor Phoebe Corke who unveiled the plaque in commemoration of the community contribution to this stunning mural.

“This is a celebration of the native flora and fauna found in and close to our school by students and the lower part of the mural features the Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent, also known as the Waugal, the protector of the land, it’s people and the source of all life. 

I have so much appreciation for those who have dedicated their time and creative capacity to bring this mural to life.

Thank you to Marion Vanhaecke and Arianne Rommelle for their unwavering support of this project, to  Brenton See and Allira Lee Boulton for their skills, knowledge and guidance and to Orly Oxenbridge and Melissa Kennedy for succeeding in this grant application”

Caroline Colliss – Art Specialist

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to bringing this together. This mural is definitely something that will be enjoyed by all for years to come.  

Completed mural overlooking the Wilderness Area